EHT update March 12

Updated March 12, 2020


Tribal Community and Staff,

With the continued spread of coronavirus (COVID-19), Swinomish Tribal Community leadership is taking extra precautions to keep the tribal community and staff safe. Employees over 60 and those with other high risk conditions are being urged to work from home whenever possible. Other employees are making plans to work from home in the event the virus spreads to our community.

All community members are encouraged to:

The most important message here is to stay home when you do not feel well, especially if you have a cough, sneeze, or fever. This is to protect your community. By staying home when you are sick, you are protecting your elders and others with chronic illnesses that are more susceptible to viruses like COVID-19.

We understand this virus is likely to spread and affect the Swinomish Tribal Community. Our goal is to keep vulnerable people from serious illness or death from the virus and also to contain it, so that everyone is not sick at the same time. If we all get sick at the same time, it will be difficult to take care of each other.

Offices are open and operating, although with fewer staff present. Cleaning crews are working especially hard to ensure the buildings are thoroughly cleaned and sanitized regularly. It is still important for everyone to clean their personal work spaces often, and to also frequently sanitize spaces in your home and office that people touch a lot. Do this several times a day.

We are closely monitoring the situation and are in regular contact with local and state health departments and hospitals, as well as the tribes in the area. We will communicate any changes in services or operating procedures.

Thank you and take care of each other,
Sarah Wilborn, Chief Medical Officer,
Swinomish Medical Clinic

EHT update March 12