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Swinomish Tribe and
Climate change

The Swinomish have endured many challenges over their long history, including impacts from western migration and settlement, diseases, loss of lands, resource disputes, and economic hardship, but perhaps one of the most enduring challenges yet to be faced is that of climate change.

Scientific evidence of climate change is increasingly abundant and convincing; warmer global temperatures, melting glaciers, reduced mountain snow pack, rising sea levels, declining river flows, and other factors all point to significant long-term changes.

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Aerial view of Swinomish Indian Reservation and La Conner vicinity (Swinomish Indian Tribe). The Reservation (middle of satellite image) occupies the southeast peninsula of Fidalgo Island and is surrounded on three sides by water, being separated from La Conner and the lower Skagit valley mainland (foreground) by the Swinomish Channel. Elevation ranges from sea level to a few hundred feet at the interior forested uplands. Developed areas lie mostly around the lower perimeter of the Reservation, with the Tribal headquarters across the Swinomish Channel from La Conner. Tribal enterprises are located on the northern end of the Reservation, adjacent to State Route 20 and a regional railroad link.
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